Our Ethos


Underpinning the ethos for River Dart Hideaway is environmental integrity and responsibility. As a local, family business we provide exceptionally high quality and environmentally friendly holiday accommodation in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for holiday makers to enjoy. This low-density business model will reduce car travel, emissions and general traffic whilst bringing visitors to the area and generating local income all year-round as opposed to seasonally. Find out more about Our Story here.


Keeping nature in mind


We are passionate and committed that River Dart Hideaway will have a limited impact on the environment and as such have already installed ground source heat pumps.

We are also working to implement;

  • Photovoltaic cells, rainwater harvesting and the utilisation of our existing bore hole
  • Each Hideaway is crafted using sustainably sourced Red Cedar 
  • Hideaways have been designed to reduce energy and heat loss
  • Carbon offsetting 
  • Plastic reduction 
  • Electric vehicle charging points 
  • As all plant machinery requires replacing it will be with electric
  • Love Local – promoting and supporting local businesses, encouraging Hideaway users to spend in the community


Protecting the local ecology is vital to preserving this beautiful area for future generations to enjoy. To ensure environmental integrity and responsibility, we have;

  • Constructed over 350 meters of ‘dark corridor’ for bats and other wildlife
  • Conserved a badger set 
  • Collated an exciting plantation map to ensure there is a broad mix of plant species, with a particular emphasis on berries that will provide food for wildlife and birds.
  • Initiated a tree planting scheme
  • Installed sedum roofs on each Hideaway to encourage local wildflowers for bats, bird, butterflies, and bees to enjoy. 
  • Hugely reduced the volume of both people and traffic over the land
  • Hideaways are fixed in position so that wildlife can become at one with the surroundings

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